Fine interiors that speak volumes!

Spline brings to you interior design services that proudly stand the test of time! For us every client is totally unique and that way our interior designs can never be the same too...

Our interiors breathe life into your living or working spaces! Leveraging on the solid backing of our industry experience, we make every project a perfect blend of outstanding design elements. We put in our very own signature professional finishes and touches of luxury and this goes very well making a perfect combination. In commercial projects we provide the client with creative design solutions that are functionally and commercially viable at the same time offering an efficient and unique environment.

Our projects range from interior renovations and new construction to full scale projects. We help you in space planning, selection of interior finishes and fixtures, custom furniture design, design, lighting design, window treatment design and furnishing selections including artwork and accessories.


Delivering high impact solutions time and again! No commission too small, no budget too restrictive!

Spline revitalizes your space! Our Interior design consultancy team specializes in interior design for commercial & residential projects and handle all aspects of interior design, from accessories to fully bespoke living spaces. Our professionals derive solutions from your existing architectural elements and our elegant interiors bring out the best comfort creating great moods. Our exotic interiors exactly redefine your personality!

Our interior design team has expertise in smart interior space planning. You get the best opinions on feasibility solutions for your commercial and residential buildings by consulting us. We can also evaluate your building in terms of style, efficiency and arrangements and how it can be changed to get more positive results in comfort and productivity.

From making initial design and best design options based on design brief, on finalising the layout, making design and drawings of ceiling, flooring, and furniture, electrical, plumbing and tiling, finishing material selection, final estimation – We do it all! We provide specific list of materials to be used in interiors like fabrics, surfaces, accessories and more after finalising the interior layout. Regular site supervision is also done for interior design and quality assurance.


Crafting Timeless Elegance with Spline's Bespoke Furnitures

Spline takes pride in introducing Bespoke Furnitures that redefine the essence of craftsmanship and individuality. Each project is a unique canvas for us, where we collaborate with you to create custom-designed furniture that stands as a testament to your distinct taste and style.

Our skilled artisans, in tandem with our creative designers, ensure that every piece of bespoke furniture seamlessly integrates with your interior space. Be it custom-built cabinetry, unique statement pieces, or personalized furniture solutions, Spline guarantees the perfect synthesis of aesthetics and functionality, enhancing the allure of your living or working environment.

Discover the art of personalization with Spline's Bespoke Furnitures – where every curve, texture, and finish is a reflection of your unique vision.


Elevating Spaces, Captivating Hearts – Spline's Decors Unveiled

Spline brings you a world of enchanting possibilities with our Decors services. Our team of skilled decorators and design experts are dedicated to curating decor elements that breathe life into your interiors, transforming them into captivating and harmonious spaces.

From selecting the ideal color palette to sourcing distinctive accessories, Spline meticulously attends to every detail, ensuring a seamless integration of decor elements within your space. Whether your style leans towards modern minimalism or classic opulence, our decorators work closely with you to understand your preferences, delivering decor solutions that transcend expectations.

Immerse your space in a symphony of style and personality with Spline's Decors services. From wall art to lighting fixtures, rugs to accent pieces, let us craft a visual narrative that speaks volumes about your unique taste and lifestyle.


Breathtaking exteriors to complement our heartbreaking interiors!

Spline is committed to create personalized gardens and outdoor spaces. We create individualized solutions to your landscape challenges, suited to your climate, soil & site conditions as well as offer full-fledged landscaping services for your lawn, patio, and walkways.

Landscapes are extremely enjoyable spaces of your homes. We design beautiful gardens and terraces. Depending on the requirement and the budget of our clients’ different types of landscapes can be designed. Landscape design services are provided for commercial establishments also at extremely affordable prices.